Car Park Lining

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Does your car park need remarking? Or to be marked anew to decongest traffic flow or safety hazards? Car parks are consistently bustling with vehicle and foot traffic. As such the paint solution required for line marking needs to be industrious, with strong adherence to the car park, so as not to wear too quickly. The Paint Crew can offer a large variety of painting solutions to define structure, and create order including the direction and movement of traffic. Solutions that will last.

Our machinery is fully equipped to apply extruded thermoplastic, rubber chlorinated and water borne paint depending on your surface requirements. We can even apply non-slip coatings for pedestrian areas for complete car park marking, not just the placement of cars. The service we provide is focused on simplicity and precision. The lines we mark are striking, easy to interpret, long lasting and designed to optimize, making the most out of any space.

Car Park Clearly Marked Melbourne
Car Park Lining Melbourne


An experienced and professional service, we can help you develop a long term, effectively line marked car park. One that leads customers straight to your door. This includes helping you to determine the right paint for your asphalt, bitumen or individual concreted surface.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of symbol painting and safety lines in a variety of colours. We can also offer products such as bollards, sign installation wheel stops and speed bumps. So, for all your car park line marking needs, choose The Paint Crew and get a free quote today.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Large scale carpark line marking

A wide range of symbol painting

Large scale Numbering and lettering

Safety lines

Speed bumps