Exterior Painting Services in Melbourne

The Paint Crew is a team of professional house painters who have a huge number of exterior painting jobs under their belt. You cannot go wrong while choosing us because we will give you the best exterior painting in Melbourne. Durability is an integral part of exterior painting and we use premium-quality paints to give you long-lasting colour and durability. Unlike interior painting, there are more factors to consider before commencing painting and we offer our expert guidance and consultation services to suggest the best course of action to be taken for your house exterior. For example, timber needs more preparation than mortar, and painting weather board houses is vastly different from painting brick homes.

Interior Exterior Painting

Interior House Painters in Melbourne

A house is a place you and your family have spent a significant amount of time in. Most of the major life moments happen here. The house interiors have a direct relationship to your mood, and it is no secret that the right colour choices and ambiences can bring a soothing effect to your interior. Interior painting is an art and it takes significant skill and expertise to bring out different moods and ambiences with interior painting. While looking for interior house painters in Melbourne it is important to take note of their portfolio and experience in the industry. With over 15 years of interior house painting experience in Melbourne, The Paint Crew is a fully Australian owned and operated painting company that strives to bring you the best interior ambiences for your homes. We are a tight-knit group of painters with good communication that ensures that the work is done as effectively and quickly as possible with zero disruptions to your daily life, thanks to our good synchronization between team members. We also clean up the place before we leave, letting you experience the new look to your house interior right away.

As industry leaders in painting services, our experts know how to give a great painting finish. They are good at filling, gapping, and sanding surfaces, and sealing watermarks and repairing cracks before painting to give the best finish possible for your interior walls. Period homes often require different approaches to painting and we fully understand the entire requirement for dealing with solid ceilings, walls, ornate woodwork, cornices, and roses.

Woodwork is often painted in oil-based paint or acrylic. Acrylic has an advantage over the rest due to the absence of fumes as it is water-based. The water-based enamels are very tough and will dry as hard as other oil-based enamels when cured. It is normal to see brush marks in acrylic paint, but the finish is acceptable to most customers and meets Australian standards. The standards say that the brush marks should not be visible when looking at the surface standing at 1 to 1.15 metres away in natural light. The Paint Crew is proficient in dealing with acrylic and non-acrylic paints.

In homes where there are young children and people vulnerable to fumes, it is a good idea to choose acrylic or water-based non-toxic paints. Call us right now on 1300 803 896 to know more.