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Are you tired of looking through countless Melbourne Painters reviews to choose good painting services Melbourne? Working as painting contractors Melbourne for over 15 years, The Paint Crew is the answer to your painting requirements and prayers. We are the best painters in Melbourne because every member of our painting crew has an artist in him who satisfies his creative urge by colouring the walls of your homes.

We complete residential, commercial, and industrial projects with equal efficiency and ease, and our prices are the most affordable in the market. We are often the highest-ranked painters and decorators in Melbourne due to our:

  • Durability: The collection of paints that we use is the finest in the market. This means it remains for a longer time and retains the beauty longer. This eventually translates to requiring a lower number of repaints from painting contractors in Melbourne for your home and cost savings.
  • Safety: We make sure to observe all the safety measures when we work to protect your home and ourselves. Moreover, the materials and paints do not produce any sort of harmful toxins or carcinogens.
  • Insurance: You can be stress-free because all our works are insured in case of any injury on the job site.
  • Affordability: We offer the best prices over any painters and decorators in Melbourne without compromising the quality of our services. We are valued for money exemplified in gold paint.
  • Finishing: We are equipped with the best rollers and brushes and are experts in finishing techniques to give you brilliant finishes.

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    Best Painting Services in Melbourne

    What makes us stand apart from the competition in Melbourne is that money isn’t the highest motivating factor to do our jobs. The satisfaction of utilizing our creative talents effectively to bring out the best colours in your home is what drives us to move forward. Moreover, we strive to know about the latest and greatest advances in this field and this thirst for knowledge can be seen in our works. We have built a solid reputation in the industry. Moreover, our team is a group of closely-knit individuals who know each other very well. This brings peak efficiency to the table because we are highly synchronized during our work.

    We do not use subcontractors and you can be sure of our work in every aspect of your newly painted home. Additionally, you needn’t worry about regulations or permits because we will handle them on your behalf.

    Other aspects of our team at The Paint Crew that makes us stand out include:

    • Use of Low VOC and no VOC paints
    • Helping you pick colour schemes
    • Cleaning the place up before leaving
    • Bringing all the equipment with us, like ladders, booms, scaffoldings, hoists, etc

    Trained to use rope access and swing stages

    Why we rank high in Melbourne Painters Review ?

    A crew is defined by the synchronization with which it works and therefore we have named our firm as “The Paint Crew”.

    • Our employees work in coordination with each other to provide the extraordinary results.
    • We expand our knowledge base continually & utilize it for the benefit of the customers.
    • You need not worry about permits or regulations as we handle them on your behalf.
    • Honesty, transparency, and integrity are the foundation stones of our company.
    • Despite using quality products & tools, we guarantee all work done by us.

    We value our customers as they are the ones who give us the numerous chances to keep on learning and growing and therefore we never disappoint them.

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    We are proud to offer a wide range of services that include:

    • New and Old Homes
    • Interior / Exterior
    • Renovations and Makeovers
    • Commercial & Body Corporate
    • Experienced Colour Consultants
    • Timber Deck Restorations

    In a nutshell, you won’t find painting contractors in Melbourne other than The Paint Crew who offer this high level of quality work at such affordable prices. We value our customers as a way to expand our knowledge and artistic talents, and not as just paying customers. The Paint Crew is a fully Australian owned and operated painting service in Melbourne. We are continuously recognized and awarded by the most prominent and respected bodies in the painting industry. If you’re looking for painting services in Melbourne, give us a call on 1300 803 896 to know more about our services. Alternatively, you can contact us via mail at


    Our Services includes :

    • House
    • Apartment
    • Garden
    • Business / shop.offices
    • Industrial building
    • Warehouse
    • Small jobs Welcome!
    • Fence
    • Roof spraying