Find Excellent Painting Service With Specialist Painters in Abbotsford

Building a new house, office or building, or renovating an existing property in Abbotsford? Hire the best painters in Abbotsford, The Paint Crew, to bring a stunning look and the ultimate finish to your home or office. Above everything else, our painting services will add to the beauty of any building. House painters bring the architecture and décor to life and add to comfortable and luxurious living.

As an informed homeowner, office owner, architect or interior decorator, you should never compromise on two things: quality of paint and painting services for the interior and exterior of your building. You can view the difference when you choose high-grade paints, carefully chosen colours and skilful & professional painters.

We offer – House, Commercial, Strata Painting and other services

We offer a range of painting services for homes and offices in Abbotsford, including but not limited to:

Interior painting: The interior paint of your home or office makes a huge difference to the ultimate look and feel of the property. You also need interior house painting after a few years to bring positive energy to the house. A well-decorated workplace boosts productivity and energises the employees.

Plastering jobs: An important part of any painting work is plastering. We undertake all kinds of plastering jobs in Abbotsford. From your home’s interior walls with falling plastering or the exterior walls battered by weather or your commercial warehouse or industrial shed, trust us to plaster every kind of wall.

Car park line marking: Does your car park at the office or building needs line marking? Call us, the car park line marking specialists in Abbotsford for large scale car park line marking, a wide range of symbol painting, large scale numbering and lettering, safety lines and speed bumps. We offer all kinds of painting solutions such as extruded thermoplastic, rubber chlorinated and waterborne paint and non-slip coatings.

Strata painting services: Strata painting is more complex than a regular home painting or commercial painting job. It helps to give a professional look to your commercial business and helps you attract more visitors and clients. We provide the best services in Abbotsford at affordable prices.

Epoxy coating: Make the floor at your home or office hard and durable with epoxy coating in Abbotsford. This type of coating is always in high demand as it protects the floor and saves it from corrosion or decay.

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Waterproofing service: Get waterproofing done at our home or office and protect it against damage caused by weather or plumbing issues. Our high-quality waterproofing services in Abbotsford help to save your walls as well as costly furniture and electrical equipment against any damage caused by leaking or dripping water.

Floor painting: From garage floors and service shops to kitchens and basements, floor painting is increasing in popularity across Australia. Get the best floor painting in Abbotsford, with skilled painters, who can transform any type of floor with high-grade paint of the colour of your choice.

Commercial painting: Large scale or specialised commercial painting in Abbotsford require skilled and experienced painters and commercial grade equipment. We have provided the best commercial quality painting services solutions to businesses in Abbotsford for several years with expert painters and the latest commercial-grade equipment to work on painting projects of any size or complexity.

Paint Colours to Avoid When Preparing for Strata Building Paintwork

The choice of paint colour is crucial when making a paint-related decision for commercial or residential painting. Choosing a colour that’s not suitable for the room will not only ruin the aesthetics but might also make it look dull and affect the mood of the

Here are a few tips about paint colours choice to avoid when preparing for strata building paintwork:


Floor: The paint colour should supplement and not conflict with the texture, colour, and material of the flooring.

Celling: You should never choose dark colours as they end up making the room look small or claustrophobic. Choose light colours that make the room look spacious. Also ensure that there is no clash with the colours on the wall, floor, and décor.

Walls: Do not choose dark colours that will make the room look small. Choose colours that do not conflict with floor colours or décor. If you are selecting different colours for walls of the same room, try to select colours of a similar tonality.


3-colour rule: Do not choose more than 3 colours else the building paint will look haphazard.

Neutral colours: Choose colours that blend with the surroundings. Do not choose colours that will make the building end up looking like a sore thumb in the area.

Architecture: Do not choose colours that conflict with the architecture of the building. A heritage building and a modern building should have colours that complement the architecture.

Why Choose Us for Painting Service in Abbotsford?

The Paint Crew is the highly recommended painting service provider in Abbotsford. We provide best-in-class services for all your commercial or house painting needs in Melbourne. We are recognised as a premium brand in painting and have been awarded by two of the top bodies in the painting industry.

We are the first choice of homeowners, builders, architects, interior decorators and commercial property owners in Abbotsford for every type of painting project.

With us, you get:

  • Experienced local painters

  • Every type of paint job

  • High-grade paints and raw materials

  • Professional painting service

  • Best finish

  • Guaranteed results

  • Deadline adherence

  • Competitive prices

  • Skilled house painters

Want to find out more about us? You can mail us your queries at or call us on 1300 803 896 to book a site visit and discussion or to get a no-obligation quote. Guaranteed services and amazing results that you cannot find anywhere else at a similar price is our promise. Call now! Beside Abbotsford we also offer service in Malvern East