Floor Painting Service in Melbourne by The Paint Crew

Floor painting brings shine to the floor of your home or office along with an amazing gloss finish and stunning looks. It also helps the floor withstand scuffs and wear & tear caused by footfalls, movement and vehicle movements. Most Melbourne residents prefer floor painting in their homes and offices as it makes the floor resistant to chemicals, grease, and grime and matches with the décor.

Epoxy floor painting is amongst the best painting options and brings out the beauty of the floor. It creates a high-gloss surface and increased brightness in the rooms and spaces, where it is used. The Paint Crew is the leading floor painting service provider in Melbourne with the best and widest range of floor paint designs for your home and office.

We Paint All Types of Floors

We paint every type of floor, no matter whether it’s in your home or commercial space, as per your requirement. Our best-in-class floor painting service includes black wooden floor painting, garage floor painting, industrial floor painting and timber floor painting. Our comprehensive floor painting includes the 3-step process of cleaning, buffing, and sealing. This ensures that you get high-quality and durable floor paint at your property.

We paint all types of floors, including but not limited to: