Get your house weatherboard coloured with our professional painting and restoration service in Melbourne

Weatherboards have been an integral part of Australian architecture. Many people wonder, “what is a weatherboard?”. Apart from just being a signature style statement, they help protect a building from unpredictable weather and other natural phenomena such as sea spray. Over the recent years, they have gained popularity in modern coastal and Australian Hamptons style homes. Weatherboards are popular among places with an abundance of timber.

Weatherboards are often attached horizontally to the structure, with the board above overlapping the one below, thus creating an attractive shadow line. Builders prefer weatherboards made from fibre cement instead of the one made from natural timber as they can withstand bends and warps prior to installation.  Moreover, fibre cement weatherboards are relatively easy to cut and require less frequent painting. Since it is resistant to fire, termites, rot, and damage from moisture, it would be suitable for use in bushfire zone construction as well as with fire and acoustic wall systems. Weatherboards are 16 mm thick in order to create deep, sharp shadow lines and come in different styles with smooth, wood grain and rough sawn textures. With an array of experienced professional weatherboard painters, The Paint Crew in Melbourne aids in your home’s exterior transformation.