Experienced Painters for Your House’s Exterior and Interior Painting Service in St Kilda

Looking for skilled house painters in St Kilda? The Paint Crew has a team of exceptional local painters who bring an amazing finish to your home’s interiors and exteriors. Our professional painters use high-grade paints and the latest techniques to achieve stunning results that bring customer delight to every project we work on.

Not able to decide which type of paint or colours to choose for your interior house paint or exterior house paint? Our experts are here to help you. Based on your preferences and budget we give you a range of options to choose from. We recommend only high-quality paints to achieve long-lasting results.

We offer – Residential and commercial painting, plastering jobs and other services…

Residential painting: Never settle for the second-best for your home. Get the best residential painting done for your home with our skilled local painters in St Kilda. We use the latest techniques along with high-quality paints and raw materials to ensure the best and most long-lasting finish for your home. Unsure about colours and paints for your home? Our experts are at hand to answer your every query and help you make an informed choice.

Plastering jobs: You should always get your new property’s walls plastered well before the paint can be applied. An older property or a house going through renovations will need skimming. Trust our skilled plastering team to cover every crack and create a smooth and even layer on which our expert painters work to produce magnificent results.

Car park line marking: We provide car park line marking services like symbol painting, numbering and lettering, safety lines, and speed bumps. This helps in proper vehicle parking and avoids decongestion or haphazard parking.

Epoxy coating: Use the epoxy coating on the floor to seal it and make it withstand any external pressures. It is ideal for kitchen, basement, garage, service station and car park, wherever there is heavy footfall, vehicular movement or external pressures.

Waterproofing service: Don’t let your house be exposed to water that can ruin the interiors and exteriors alike. Water seepage, plumbing issues, and weather elements all create havoc for the paint, décor and electrical appliances. Dampness caused by water also puts your family at risk with bacteria-borne diseases. Our waterproofing service ensures that both the interior and the exterior is well protected against water damage.

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Floor paint: You can bring the drab floor of your kitchen, basement of rooms to life with our best-in-class floor painting. Our painters can paint any type of floor with the colour or texture that you desire. The painted floor matches seamlessly with your décor and is easy to clean and maintain.

Commercial painting: We undertake all kinds of commercial painting projects in St Kilda. We understand all the intricacies and complexities involved in a commercial painting project and assign a dedicated team for the job. This includes surveying your commercial property, understanding your requirements and assigning the required number of painters to complete the job according to your schedule.

Strata painting services: Make your commercial property attractive to clients and patrons with our strata painting services. Unlike a regular house painting or a commercial painting in St Kilda, the strata painting is focused on every aspect of painting in the exterior and interior of the building to make it eye-catching for visitors. This makes it ideal for a range of buildings, from educational institutions to restaurants and cafés etc.

Can We Use Interior Paint for Exterior Painting?

While you can use interior paint for exterior painting if you wanted to, it is not recommended. You also do not get the desired results.

The reasons are:

  • Interior paint is too pourous.

  • It cannot withstand snow, rain, wind & UV rays.

  • It has less pigment and resins.

  • It is prone to cracks and flakes when applied to exterior walls.

  • It fades more quickly outside.

Exterior paints are manufactured to withstand the above issues and are therefore of better quality than interior paint. When you work with our team at The Paint Crew, rest assured that we will use the right paint on the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.

Why Choose Us for Painting Services in St Kilda?

We at The Paint Crew understand that every painting project is different and every client has different visions and expectations. We work closely with you to provide the best professional painting services in St Kilda.

We are one of the highly recommended service providers of professional painters in St. Kilda. All our painters come with several years of experience and are known for their quality workmanship.

With us you get:

  • Widest range of painting services

  • Highest customer satisfaction

  • Quality workmanship

  • Best painting experience

  • Quality painting services

  • Deadline adherence

  • Free quotes

  • Fair pricing

  • Honest billing

  • No hidden cost

To find out more about us or for queries on interior house paint or painting services in St Kilda and Templestowe, contact us at info@thepaintcrew.com.au. Want to discuss your painting project or wish to speak to our experts? Call us on 1300 803 896 for discussion, queries, and bookings. Beside St Kilda we also offer service in Templestowe also.