Exceptional Painting Services by Our Commercial & Residential Painters in Templestowe

Every homeowner or commercial property owner wants their home or office to look the best. A well painted and lit building increases productivity and improves the environment. Get the best painting services in Templestowe, with skilled office and house painters from The Paint Crew. We offer high-quality painting services at the best prices in the city.

As a full range painting service provider, we help you with:

  • Paint selection

  • Colour combination

  • Plastering

  • Waterproofing

Are you busy with your work with no time to oversee every aspect of painting? Don’t worry; once we have decided on the colours and the details of the project, our painters will handle the rest. You will get a beautifully painted building at the end of the project.

We offer – House Interior & Exterior, weatherboard colors, plastering jobs and other services…

Interior painting: Match the décor of your house with interior painting. Our local painters are happy to advise you on the best interior painting options. We listen to your requirement, understand your budget, and offer a range of options and colours that suit the design, layout, and architecture of your home.

Commercial painting: As the leading provider of commercial painting in Templestowe, we offer affordable yet top-quality painting services within the agreed deadline. We use heavy and sophisticated commercial grade equipment as well as safety harnesses and can schedule the work for a convenient time.

Residential painting: Your home is a reflection of your taste and refinement. Make it your pride and bring positivity and happiness to your family with our residential painting work. We turn your vision into reality with thoughtfully chosen colours to suit your unique requirements.

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Plastering jobs: Our plastering professionals are among the most knowledgeable and skilled experts in the trade. We acknowledge their silent contribution and hire the best plastering professionals for the job. Your home or office is plastered with perfection before the paint is applied. This ensures that all cracks are covered and there are no ‘spots’ or uneven patches when the painting finishes.

Car park line marking: Contact us for extruded thermoplastic, rubber chlorinated and waterborne paint, non-slip coatings and all other kinds of painting solutions. Our car park line marking services include various symbol painting, numbering and lettering, safety lines, and speed bumps. This helps to keep your car park decongested as vehicles are parked at their designated spots and enter and exit properly.

Strata painting services: Take your commercial establishment to the next level and attract more clients and visitors with our strata painting services. Unlike commercial or residential painting, this is designed to help commercial businesses like malls, shops, restaurants, educational institutions etc. attract more people, and increase footfall.

Epoxy coating: Save the floor for corrosion, wear & tear and get a glossy finish with epoxy coating. It seals off the floor with a hardened mix of resins and makes it withstand any pressure. It is ideal for kitchen, garage, basement, service station and car parks.

Waterproofing service: Water is a silent predator of paintwork, furnishings, and electrical equipment. Water seepage weakens the walls and foundation and also puts your loved ones at risk of water & bacteria-borne diseases. Our highly recommended waterproofing service in Templestowe is designed to seal off your home against every kind of water & weather onslaught. Call us to discuss and learn about the waterproofing options suitable for your property.

Floor paint: You can enhance the décor and visual appeal of your home with floor painting. You won’t need repeat and expensive stone polishing to maintain it and you can get floor colours that complement the walls, and adds to the overall beauty and appeal of the home. In commercial buildings, industrial plants and service stations, it helps to avoid grease, grime, wear and tear and offers easy maintenance and cleaning.

How Do You Know If the Paint Is of Good Quality?

Here are some of the tips to find the best quality paints:

  • It has more resins & pigments or total solids.

  • It has lower solvents.

  • It gives a thicker & tougher finish.

  • It is long-lasting.

  • It has additives with protective qualities.

  • It is easier to apply.

If you have more questions, call us and our experts will be happy to advise you and help you select the best colours for your home or office.

Why Choose Us for Painting Services in Templestowe?

The Paint Crew is the highly recommended painting service provider in Camberwell. We provide best-in-class services for all your commercial or house painting needs in Melbourne. We are recognised as a premium brand in painting and have been awarded by two of the top bodies in the painting industry.

We are the first choice of homeowners, builders, architects, interior decorators and commercial property owners in Camberwell for every type of painting project.

With us, you get:

  • Full range of Interior and exterior painting services

  • Amazing painting finishes

  • On-time completion

  • No hidden charges

For more info on interior and exterior painting, or high-quality painting work, you can mail our team at The Paint Crew at info@thepaintcrew.com.au. To discuss the painting of your house in Templestowe or Bentleigh, you can also call us on 1300 803 896. The best & affordable painting with stunning results is only a phone call away. like beside Templestowe we also offer service in Bentleigh also