Skilled Painters Offering Quality Commercial & Residential Painting Services in Malvern East

Get quality painting done at your home or office in Malvern East with amazing results. The Paint Crew is one of the most trusted and respected painting contractors in Melbourne with experienced local painters who use state of the art equipment and the latest techniques of interior house painting & surface painting to bring stunning looks to your home or commercial space.

We use high-quality paints that are long-lasting and deliver the best results in commercial & residential painting. We also guide and advise you on how to choose the best and most appropriate colours that bring out the beauty of your home. Our commercial painting services have a range of choices that bring both utility and proper ambience to the interiors.

We offer – car line marking, interior and exterior house painting and other services…

As the leading painting service provider in Malvern East, we offer the widest range of professional painting services. These include but is not limited to:

Interior and exterior house painting: Both the interior and exteriors of the house are a reflection of your taste and personality. They also require careful selection – be it the choice of colours or durability. We work with you and discuss the range of choices before you select the best possible colours based on your budget and preferences.

Body strata painting: You can attract more clients and customers with our strata painting services. This comprehensive service covers the entire exterior and interior space and is highly specialised work that makes it different from normal commercial or residential painting jobs.

Plastering jobs: The plastering work at your home or commercial building is an essential job that precedes quality painting work. We ensure that the walls are plastered perfectly, with no leaks or cracks to affect the painting.

Car park line marking: We offer car park line marking for commercial properties. Choose from extruded thermoplastic, rubber chlorinated and waterborne paint and non-slip coatings or consult with our specialist before selecting your parking space. Our car park line marking includes safety lines & speed bumps, symbol painting, numbering, and lettering.

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Epoxy coating: You can toughen the floor of your home, garage or service centre with epoxy coating. Our team uses high-grade, commercial and long-lasting materials to create the best and most long-lasting epoxy coating that seals the floors and protects them from external pressures.

Waterproofing service: Do not neglect the waterproofing of your property. Homes and commercial buildings are battered with weather elements and also face the onslaught of leaking pipes and other plumbing issues, which can ruin the paint and décor. Our waterproofing service helps protect your home and your family against a variety of bacteria, which could otherwise pose a health risk.

Floor painting: The popularity of floor painting is increasing with every passing year. Not only does the floor look good, but it also protects the floor from spills, grease, and grime. Our floor painting solutions take care of the floor at your home, garage or building and help it last longer with little maintenance.

How Is Commercial Painting Differ from Residential Painting?

A commercial painting project is quite different from a residential painting job. Not only in the level of complexity and selection of paints but also in the way is the painting job done.

Here are the key differences between the two:

  • Project size & scale is different

  • The number of painters who need to be employed varies

  • Equipment and raw materials used

  • Schedule

  • Kind of services

  • Experience of painters

Why Choose Us for Painting Services in Malvern East?

The Paint Crew is one of the most sought after quality painting services providers in Malvern East. We provide professional painters who can work on projects of any size or complexity. No job is too small or too big for us. We work with an equal commitment on every type of painting in Malvern and deliver stunning results.

With us you get:

  • Wide range of services

  • Experienced & professional painters

  • Consultation and guidance

  • Affordable prices

  • No hidden charges

  • Transparent billing

  • High-grade paints and materials

  • Timeline adherence

For best painting services in Malvern East and Doncaster with amazing results and to get a free quote, call us on 1300 803 896. Need more information or have queries? You can also contact us today by mail at Besides Malvern East we also offer service in Doncaster