Local Painters in Hawthorn – Residential and Commercial Painting Services

Do you want to update and modernise your houses or office space? At The Paint Crew, we have experts who specialise in residential and commercial jobs in Hawthorn and the rest of Melbourne. Our painters have years of expertise delivering high-quality interior and exterior painting services and understand how to complete projects on time, on budget, and with unbeatable results. Professional painters know how to add a wow factor to any house and transform any space into something new that will last for years.

We offer – House Painting, Weatherboard color, Car park line marking, and other services…

  • Interior and exterior painting
    Our team of experienced house painters has completed countless painting projects, both interior, and exterior. You can expect the best exterior home paint in Hawthorn when you hire us.

  • Body strata painting
    At The Paint Crew, we may assist with colour selections and any other aspects of a successful strata painting project with great services at affordable prices.

  • Commercial painting
    Is it better to paint or not to paint? Painters can have a significant impact on how people feel in commercial buildings. Every commercial painting project we embark on is treated with the highest care and dedication to quality.

  • Car park line marking
    No matter the type of car park line marking you need for your commercial property, you can hire us for the job. Our clear and detailed line marking will help you structure the flow of traffic.

  • Residential and house painting
    We don’t let you down because we understand how enjoyable it is to paint and decorate your home. Each of our residential painting services is carefully planned and executed.

  • Car park line marking
    Line marking paint solutions must stick strongly to the parking lot surface to avoid early damage. For car park line marking, we provide a range of options.

  • Weatherboard house colors
    Are your house’s clapboards beginning to show signs of wear and tear? I don’t believe that’s what you wanted. We’re here to aid you in making an informed decision on the weatherboard house colours.

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  • Epoxy coating
    Epoxy coating is one of the most widely used industrial finishes because it preserves surfaces, strengthens materials, and protects them from corrosion and deterioration.

  • Service of waterproofing
    Using a waterproofing service is the best method to avoid damage to your property. We keep an eye out for and rectify any leaks that may develop in the future to ensure that our homes are as lovely as possible.

What are the four types of painting?

To begin a new painting work, it might not be very clear to choose from various types of home paint. Here’s a rundown of the most prevalent house paint varieties.

Paint Primer

Although the primer isn’t technically a sort of paint, it is required for painting projects, and you must have seen it in the paint section of your local hardware store. Primer is the first step in the painting application process that aids paint adhesion to the surface and guarantees accurate colour.

House Paint (Oil-based and Water-based)

Oil-based paints are manufactured with oil, while water-based paints are made with water. Oil-based paints are more durable, lustrous, and take longer to cure, whereas water-based paints are thinner, matte, and dry faster. Removing oil-based paints necessitates the use of harsh chemicals but removing water-based paints does not.

Interior and Exterior House Paint

The majority of paint tins are designated as either interior or exterior. Water-based interior paints are more common than oil-based exterior paints.

Enamel Paint

Because of their longevity, oil-based paints are commonly referred to as “enamel.” Enamel paints come in several finishes, including gloss and semi-gloss, and are commonly used on window and door trimmings. Enamel paint has the disadvantage of discolouring with time.

Why Choose The Paint Crew for Painting Service in Hawthorn?

To accomplish exceptional results, our professional team at The Paint Crew collaborates closely with you throughout the process. Not only is our well-trained team well-equipped, but they are also well-versed in safe work practices. We are always expanding and improving our knowledge base to serve our clients better. We stand by our work, even though we use high-quality paint and equipment.

Our dedicated painters will transform the appearance of your property using the best equipment. Given the high quality of our service, we can ensure that our results will last. We’ll pay close attention to every detail to guarantee you receive the outcomes you want.

For the best painters in Hawthorn, contact The Paint Crew. Call us right now to take advantage of our services. We also provide services in Brighton and other suburbs across Melbourne.