Highly Recommended Interior & Exterior House Painting Service in West Melbourne

At The Paint Crew, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a hassle-free painting service in West Melbourne. We will help you move your furniture and equipment and tape up your possessions to protect them from damage. Once the painting work is done, we will again move everything back and leave your space in its original condition.

Our house painters are highly skilled and can completely change the look of any commercial or residential space. Our painting services in West Melbourne include preparing the paint surface, interior and exterior house painting, epoxy coating, floor coating, weatherproofing, and much more. We deliver on time with perfectly finished walls that guarantee satisfaction.

We also offer – Residential & Commercial Painting, Strata Painting, Plastering Jobs, and Other Services ….

Our range of services is extensive, and our master painters are proficient in several different skills. But it is the efficiency of our service, the high quality of the paints we use, and the variety and exact shade matching of our paint colours that set us apart from the competition.

  • Interior and exterior house painting: Our painters work closely with clients to give their homes the exact look they want. We want our paint jobs to be long-lasting and provide protection to the walls of the house.
  • Strata painting: Our exterior house paint and interior painting services are not just restricted to fresh surfaces. We also do touch-ups and maintenance on already painted walls. Our painters’ attention to detail ensures that even old walls end up looking brand new
  • Commercial painting: Industrial buildings, shops, showrooms also require wall paint to aid the visual appeal of the space and also act as a protective layer on the walls. Our painters deliver high-quality service that lasts for years, even in areas of heavy use.
  • Residential painting: The Paint Crew painters are skilled at interior painting and can liven up spaces with the best colour recommendations and meticulous, intricate paint jobs that complement the architecture of the home.
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  • Plastering jobs: At The Paint Crew, we want your house to look the very best, so we prep the surface before starting to paint. We plaster all cracks or dents in the walls so that the paint has a smooth surface to glide on for the best finish.
  • Car park line marking: We have painters specialising in car park line marking for commercial properties. They are long-lasting and will help give clear directions to vehicles in car parks.
  • Weatherboard house painting: Our master painters can easily turn a simple weatherboard house into a luxury property with the help of their smooth finishing touches
  • Epoxy coating: We also provide epoxy coating service for counters and floors to give them extra protection and an added visual element
  • Waterproofing: We use high-quality weather-resistant paint on our exterior wall paint jobs so that the walls can be protected from the effect of the elements for as long as possible
  • Floor painting: Uncared-for floors seriously hampers the aesthetics of any indoor space. So we provide floor coatings to keep the floor free from scratches.

What Is The Best Colour For The Interior Walls Of A House?

There is no wrong colour to paint your house. It is completely up to the homeowner’s preference, and it is our job at The Paint Crew to make our client’s dreams come true with the best quality of paint colours.

But it has been scientifically proven that for customers looking to make their space look bigger and more spacious, it is best to use light shades like tones of white and other pale colours.

Why Choose Us for Painting Services in West Melbourne?

West Melbourne has a population of more than 25,000. All these residents own or rent various types of residential and commercial spaces that require fresh painting or painting upkeep.

At The Paint Crew, we aim to ensure that all our clients get the best interior and exterior painting services. We offer durability and aesthetics and accompany our clients on a full walkthrough of the space to ensure that they are absolutely satisfied with the delivery.

To get quotes from us for your project, call us on 1300 803 896 or visit our official website. Besides West Melbourne, we also offer our services in Glen Waverly and other surrounding suburbs.