Expert Painters for Commercial & Residential Painting Service in Bentleigh

Searching for expert house painters in Bentleigh? The Paint Crew is the premium painting services provider in Bentleigh with experienced and professional painters for every kind of residential & commercial painting and plastering job. For more than 16 years, we have provided quality painting services to the residents of Melbourne.

Like most people, you may find the painting project of your house or office daunting.  It involves multiple choices and decisions, from finding local painters to do the job, to deciding on the type and colours of the paint. We make the painting assignment easy and stress-free for you. From your first contact with us to the end of work, we work as per your requirements and budget.

We help you with:

  • Project layout

  • Colour choices

  • Selecting paint types

  • Plastering and repairs

  • Time scheduling

  • Delivery & work completion timelines

We offer – House Painting, plastering jobs, car line marking and other services…

As the leading painting services provider in Bentleigh, we offer the widest range of painting-related services. These include but is not limited to:

Plastering jobs: It is important to plaster the walls properly at your property to fill in the cracks, holes, and cavities. The plaster also creates a smooth and even layer on the wall, on which the paint is applied. The result is a stunning and amazing finish with no spots or haphazard patterns.

Car park line marking: Use the line marking in the car park to guide people to designated spaces to park their cars. A properly marked car park helps in keeping the car parking decongested and in the smooth entry and exit of cars. Get in touch with us for large scale car park line marking, safety lines & speed bumps, symbol painting, and large scale numbering and lettering.

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Strata painting services: Make your commercial establishment more attractive to clients with strata painting. Our expert painters ensure that the paint work makes the building appealing to the clients to increase footfall and visitors. We have both the skills and the personnel for a top tier strata painting job at your property.

Interior and exterior house painting: Both the interior and exterior painting at your home need separate and specialised work. While the internal painting is usually done in bright & vibrant colours, the exterior walls are painted with darker shades that gel with the surroundings. Both types of paint are different and need to be applied by expert painters for best results.

Epoxy coating: Get your floor coated with epoxy, which is a mixture of polymer resins and hardeners. Choose from the clear, metallic and solid epoxy coating according to your preference. We provide an epoxy coating solution for all types of buildings and places, from the kitchen & basement to warehouses and service stations.

Waterproofing service: Shield your property against water damage that can erode the paint and weaken the walls and foundations. We provide comprehensive waterproofing services for every kind of residential and commercial property in Bentleigh. We follow the Australian standards of waterproofing and ensure 100% protection against water seepage and water leakage.

Floor painting: Get your floor painted with a colour that matches your home’s décor. From decorative paints with marble finish to shades of chocolate for the granite floor, there is a wide variety to choose from. You can also use waterproof epoxy paint that is ideal for the kitchen, swimming pool, garages, hospitals etc.

Commercial painting: We understand all the complexities of a commercial painting project and how it is different from a residential project.  As part of our commercial painting services, we supply the number of painters and support staff required depending on the size and complexity of the project. We also use industrial-grade raw materials and paints suited for commercial painting. We complete the paintwork as per the schedule agreed beforehand to cause minimum disruption in the functioning of your commercial enterprise.

Residential painting: Get the best painting for your home and bring in cheer and positivity. A newly painted home brings happiness, improves air quality, removes clutter inside and outside the house and beautifies the interior & exterior.

How Many Types of Plaster Are There?

These are the main types of plaster that our team at The Paint Crew uses for buildings:

Special plaster: These are tailor-made plasters made for special purposes. In these types of plasters, different mixes are used to give the wall and building decorative features or for waterproofing, or to restrict shrinkage.

Stucco plaster: This is primarily used for decorative purposes. White or coloured cement is used. Three coats of varying thickness are applied with this type of plaster.

Waterproof plaster: This type of plaster is used to make the structure waterproof. It is a mixture of cement and sand and is considered one of the toughest amongst the plasters.

Lime plaster: It uses equal qualities of sand and lime. It is helpful to prevent the appearance of cracks on the surface which can ruin the effects of the paint.

Composite Plaster: This type of plaster is a mixture of cement, surki /pozzolana, lime, and sand in different proportions depending on the project requirement. This is applied with different thicknesses in the interior and exterior of the building with one or two coats.

Why Choose Us for Painting Services in Bentleigh?

We are the leading painting services provider in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Burwood.

  • Full range of services

  • High-grade paints & raw materials

  • Fair pricing

  • No hidden charges

  • Amazing finishes

  • Timeline adherence

  • No over-commitment

  • Transparent terms of service

For more information on any of our painting services at The Paint Crew, mail us at Call us on 1300 803 896 for bookings of house painters, queries, site visits and assistance. Call now! Beside Bentleigh we also offer service in Burwood also.