Discover High-Quality Painting Services by Reliable Painters in Essendon

As homeowners, we always want our home to look the best. A well-painted home is a source of pride for its owner and a delight for the family members. Get skilled and experienced house painters in Essendon from The Paint Crew! We offer residential painting, plastering, and epoxy coating to make your home looks exquisite and amazing with a stunning finish that will last for years.

As an informed property owner, you should never compromise on the quality of paints, selection of colours or the skill of the professional painters, who bring your vision to light. After all, painting is once a many years job and naturally, you want to get it done with skilled painters, who are experts in their field.

We offer – Commercial, Residential (Home), Epoxy Coating and other services…

As the leading painting service providers in Essendon, we provide you with the full range of plastering, waterproofing, painting and allied services. Our bouquet of services includes but is not limited to:

Residential painting: Your home is your pride, your style statement, and the place where you relax. Get the best look for your home with a high-quality residential painting by expert painters in Essendon. We are one of the most trusted and preferred painting contractors in the city, with several years of experience and numerous home and residential painting projects completed.

Floor paint: You can get the floor painted in suitable colours to match your preferences and décor. You do not have to settle for drab grey but can have a long-lasting colour finish on your floor. For details, check with our expert and they will share a range of choices with you.

Commercial painting: As experienced and professional painting experts, we follow schedules, timelines and take up every kind of commercial project, no matter what the scale. Our professional painters use high-grade paints and the latest techniques and equipment to complete your project on time, every time.

Body & strata painting: Body & strata painting is needed to attract more clients to your commercial establishment. This work can only be done by skilled local painters in Essendon, who have several years of experience. The strata painting services cover every inch of the exterior of the building and make it attractive for visitors, clients, and customers. It is in high demand in all kinds of commercial establishments like malls, shops, and educational institutions, where footfall and attracting clientele is key.

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Plastering jobs: Our plastering experts have the skill and technical know-how to plaster the walls perfectly. Plastering new walls requires skill and thorough knowledge of the trade, which we have gained with several years of experience. Our master painters apply perfect coats of plaster on your walls to ensure smooth painting with no spots or uneven surfaces that can ruin the effect of the paint.

Car park line marking: Call us for professional car line marking for your car park or building parking. As one of the top car park line marking contractor, we offer a range of services that includes but is not limited to safety lines & speed bumps, symbol painting, large scale numbering and lettering. This ensures that there is no car congestion and easy parking and unrestricted exit of the vehicles.

Epoxy coating: Get the floors of your kitchen, garage, basement or service station coated with epoxy. Not only does it toughen and seal the floor, but it also makes it easy to maintain and withstand all kinds of pressures and movements of heavy machines, vehicles, grime and grease while retaining its smooth appearance.

Waterproofing service: Don’t let water damage your property in Essendon. Get waterproofing done by experts to help guard the internal walls and foundation against water seepage or plumbing leaks. Protect the exterior surfaces with waterproofing to help them withstand extreme weather conditions.

Waterproofing needs extensive training, experience, and technical know-how as well as the use of high-grade commercial materials that form a waterproof shield on your property.

What Are the 5 Procedures for Commercial and Residential Painting?

Room preparation: We prepare the room for painting. In the kitchen, for example, all electrical and non-removable appliances are covered. In a room, we remove all things to avoid paint stains and cover them with a high-quality drop cloth.

Surface preparation: Any cracks or dents in the walls are repaired and the wall is skimmed or plastered to ensure a smooth finish.

Selection of paint: As per your budget and preferences, we give you a range of choices. Based on your selection of paint and colours, we move ahead with the painting. This is a crucial step that decides the ultimate look and feel of the finished room or building.

Selection of equipment: We choose the right equipment to create the texture you desire. We bring all our equipment with us – from a painter’s pole and stairs to a sand brush and roller. With us, you do not have to worry about equipment hiring or ferrying. We take care of it from start to finish.

Painting and cleaning: We paint the walls, ceiling and floor and then clean up the mess and deliver the clean property back to you. We dispose of all waste as per government and industry-approved guidelines.

Why Choose Us for Painting Services in Essendon?

The Paint Crew is the name you can trust for high-quality and trusted paint jobs that you cannot find anywhere else. We understand that every project is different and that every homeowner or office owner has a vision of what the home or office should look like.

Our team works with you to understand your requirements and budget and then provides you with a range of quality painting options to choose from. This has made us the top provider of commercial and residential painting services in Essendon.

With us you get:

  • Access to best painters

  • Range of painting solutions

  • Budget based painting, colouring and plastering

  • Expert colour consultants

  • Professional services

  • Interior and exterior painting

  • Attention to detail

  • Professional painters

  • Competitively priced

  • Amazing finishes

  • Long-lasting painting, waterproofing and plastering

  • Guaranteed results

To discuss your project and for more information on quality painting services in Essendon and St Kilda, you can send us a mail at and our team will contact you. Want to speak to an expert or book a site visit? Call us on 1300 803 896 and we will visit your place for a detailed discussion. Besides Essendon we also offer service in St Kilda.