High-Quality House Painting, Plastering and Epoxy Coating Services in Armadale

At The Paint Crew, we have a talented team of skilled painters working with us. They can transform any commercial or residential space with their painting skills. Our master painters have years of experience and training to ensure that every customer gets a final satisfactory outcome. Our painting, epoxy coating, and plastering jobs are done, making sure that the customer’s property and furniture experience no damage.

Our house painters move furniture and tape items so that the paint cannot touch anything unnecessarily. At the end of the painting job, we again clean up the space so that customers can walk into a freshly painted yet absolutely sparkling space.

We also offer – Commercial & Residential Painting, Weatherboard colors, car line marking, and other services…

  • Interior and exterior house painting: Our master painters are able to help customers match their walls with the exact shade that they have imagined. Our paint is also durable and have the perfect finish.
  • Commercial painting: Our attention to detail and drive for perfection translates to wall paintings on larger commercial spaces as well. We give commercial spaces a professional look with delicately finished interiors and exteriors.
  • Plastering jobs: We also handle small plastering jobs to smooth the painting surface and have the best finish.
  • Car park line making: Our painters are popular for their car park line marking service, which is useful in commercial parking spaces spread around the city
  • Strata painting: We not only prepare and paint fresh surfaces but also help with the upkeep of existing interior and exterior wall paint for community buildings.
  • Weatherboard house painting: The Paint Crew also specialises in painting weatherboard houses. We are able to turn these simple constructions into visually pleasing homes for our clients.
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  • Epoxy coating: We have employees specially trained in working with epoxy resin and provide epoxy coating for countertops, floors, and other interior elements.
  • Weatherproofing: Our painting team understands that wall paint has a vital role in protecting the exterior walls of a structure and giving it long-term durability. We offer weatherproofing services for external walls of commercial and residential spaces.
  • Floor painting: Our floor coating system ensures that even the floors of your residential or commercial space look beautiful and are protected from scratches and blemishes.

What Colours Should You Use on the Outer Walls of Your Home to Make It Look Bigger?

At The Paint Crew, our 15 years of experience working on a wide variety of homes has given us a little bit of insight into what colours work best in different situations. A common question from most homeowners is how to make the house look bigger. It has been scientifically proven that lighter tones like white, ivory, pale green can all reflect light very actively, making the house appear bigger from the outside to the naked eye.

This similar idea of using lighter tones inside the rooms of a house can also have a similar effect. At The Paint Crew, every shade of paint that we use is of a very high quality so that the customers can maintain and enjoy their painted walls for the longest possible time.

Why Choose Us for Professional Wall Painting Service in Armadale?

Our services are available for all property owners in and around the Armadale area. Armadale has a population density of more than 13,000 people. This means that there are a lot of commercial and residential spaces in the area, which require regular upkeep. Wall painting, floor coating, epoxy coating, and plastering are some of the basics of this kind of structural upkeep.

At The Paint Crew in Armadale, we:

  • Provide end-to-end service

  • Prepare the painting surface with plastering, moving furniture, and taping of floors and other personal items

  • Complete the painting or floor coating job with high-quality materials

  • Complete all jobs in as little time as possible without compromising on quality

  • Clean up the space to remove all hazardous chemicals and tools and move all furniture back to its original location

  • Work with clients to ensure that they get exactly the kind of shade and the quality of work that they are looking for

At The Paint Crew, our goal is to make wall painting service a hassle-free experience that customers can indulge in to completely revamp any structure’s interior and exterior. To hire us in Armadale, contact us through our website, visit us at Hanover Street Melbourne Victoria, or contact us at 1300 803 896. Our services are available in Windsor as well.