The Leading Commercial Painters in Melbourne

To ensure that the clients entering your business premises feel pleasant, we paint your workplace most diligently with the right colours.

We realize that any commercial place should look beautiful and professional at the same time, and therefore our expert tradesmen attain this goal every time they work on commercial projects. Our extra care & attention to every small detail has made us the ultimate choice for Commercial Painters throughout Melbourne.

Whether it’s a small office belonging to the newly established firm or a multi-storey building owned by an International business or a cold storage facility, we can carry out the painting job for every commercial space flawlessly.

Amazing Commercial Painting Services across Melbourne

We understand that there lies a difference between the Interior and Exterior painting and so we make it a point to consider relevant factors in each case to make our clients feel satisfied with the final outcome.

  • We take necessary approvals from the authorities for commencing the paintwork at your place.
  • With our colour consultation, you can select the colour which goes well with your specific business type.
  • Our painters implement their knowledge of current trends in the Commercial painting.
  • We also take into account impact of weather conditions and environmental issues. 

With our Domestic Commercial Painting Service in Melbourne, we paint, repaint and renovate – 

  • Small & Big Offices
  • Departmental stores
  • Corporate Chain stores
  • Playgrounds & Stadiums
  • Theatres & Multiplexes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Garages
  • Public buildings
  • Warehouse & storage facilities

Our tradesmen also conduct plaster repairs for giving a new look to your place in an economical way. As we emphasize on quality and safety, we can confidently say that once you hire us, we would make a permanent place in your phone contacts.

Commercial coatings:

  • Concrete coating specialists, tilt up, pre-cast and concrete floors

  • Fire safety product application

  • Product application and specification expertise

  • Substrate and surface preparation knowledge

  • New construction, re-paint and government works

  • Non- slip coatings for clients such as Queensland rail and state government bodies

Commercial Painters Melbourne

Our range of interior and exterior commercial painting projects includes:

  • Warehouses and storage facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Arenas and entertainment venues

  • Metal & steel-clad buildings

  • Transportation facilities

  • underground parking garages

  • Apartment buildings & high rises

  • Business office & commercial property interiors

  • Residential complexes

  • High-rise & low-rise buildings